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Please Note:

Your windscreen requires time to bond to the body of the car .Driving your car too soon may result in:
- Wind noise, Water leaks, Impaired Safety.

We recommend that you allow your vehicle to stand for 120 minutes (with airbags 240 minutes) after the windscreen replacement.
Please ensure that all valuables be removed from the vehicle, as we will not held liable for any losses or theft.

You can remove the safety tape after one day.

By signing the standard terms and conditions, the client agrees to all the terms as set out below:
- The client is personally responsible for all the monies due as per the invoice.

-  Should the client’s insurance company for whatever reasons, not pay the invoice within 30 (thirty) days from the invoice date, the client is personally responsible for any/all monies due.

Should the client fail to pay the outstanding invoice amount should insurance not pay the invoice amount, client will be liable for the following :

* The client will also be liable for R250-00 hand over fee and collections costs at 20% of invoice amount, including attorney and own client costs, incurred by either party arising out of the breach of non-payment.

* We reiterate that it remains the client’s responsibility to register his/her claim with his.her insurance company for any work done by National Auto Glass – Midrand.

* Client will remain responsible for all outstanding monies due to National Auto Glass – Midrand until the full and final amount has been settled.
These standard terms and conditions between National Auto Glass – Midrand and the client shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic
of South Africa

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